Mass Tort Case Acquisition made Easy

DemandX is a vertically integrated case acquisition solution for law firms. We combine marketing, technology and intake to generate cases at scale


What We Do

DemandX is a subsidiary of DemandLane that houses technology, marketing, and operations for Case acquisition service for lawyers. DemandX leverages a proprietary technology stack that combines analytics, AI, Omni-channel marketing, and Intake Centers to help scale case acquisition for law firms.

Since our inception, we've been a fully remote team serving the US market with a globally distributed team across India, Romania, and US.


Accelerate case acquisition with advanced analytics

DemandX leverages the power of advanced analytics and AI to help law firms find claimants and cases

Our predictive modeling and advanced analytics helps to filter and target users to generate cases using real-time data to target the right claimants for law firms.

DemandX - Analytics


Artificial intelligence to Drive Outcomes

Adapt, Engage and Drive Outcomes with AI

Our AI-based texting features are designed to enhance engagement and connection rates with potential claimants. This helps achieve enhanced messaging scalability, while still maintaining personalization in communication.


Intake Center and Product Operations

Optimize operations and scale business    

Our experienced intake team leverages AI & Voice based texting to screen potential claimants according to specific case filters, leading to better case outcomes.


Omni-Channel Marketing

Our comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy helps law firms find qualified claimants, tailored to their unique needs. Our stack includes Paid Search/Social, Email, TV, Affiliate, and Analytics

Meet the Team

Product and Engineering

Meet our dynamic team of product, engineering, and marketing experts, who collaborate to help law firms acquire Mass Tort cases. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise and passion.

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Intake Center

Our Intake team is based in Noida and Gurugram. The intake representative serves as the first point of contact for the firm’s clients. With excellent communication skills and domain knowledge they help potential claimants find justice. Get to know our team.