Meet the Product &
Engineering Team

Meet the Magicians behind our technology, analytics, marketing and product. They are the maestros behind our digital wizardry. Our commitment to empathy and a client-centered approach drives us to seek out unique solutions tailored to find qualified claimants for law firms.

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DemandX Team

Perks of Working at DemandX

Fully Remote Working

We are a remote first and will always be a fully remote team. DemandX employees are free to work where they please, as long as the time zones work for their teams

Home Office Budget

We help people set up their office as soon as they walk through our virtual door—in the way that works best for them

Paid Holiday Leaves

To respect the diversity of our teams, we offer a total of 30 days paid leave

Wellbeing Policy

We care about everyone’s wellbeing. This is a chance for people to practice their mental, spiritual, and physical fitness in whatever ways works best for them

Company Retreats

Even though we’re proud of our fully remote setup, we also love meeting face-2-face at our company retreats- hosted once a year for a chance to meet the wider DemandX team

Paid Sick Leave

Occasionally, medical issues such as colds, migraines, or other illnesses may arise. We recognize the importance of taking time away from work to rest and recover. In addition to scheduled holidays, we offer paid days off for physical or mental health